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Disposable Protective Mask
Disposable protective mask is mainly used for anti-virus, anti-germ and anti-droplet in the air. It's an ideal protective article for good health.
3-layer protection,Outer layer is sSS nonwovens, which can filter PM and dust.Middle layer is electret meltblown fabric, which has good absorbability and filerability.Inner layer is SSS nonwovens, which is soft and skin-friendly
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Product Introduction
  •  Features

GB32610-2016 standard

3-layer three-dimensional protection 

Double layer SSS non woven fabric + Spunlaced electret meltblown fabric

The product has passed the flow detection of 95L / min in oily environment, and the filtration efficiency is more than 95%, meeting the GB2626-2006 standard.

  •  Product Specifications
Color :white black blue pink purple

Size: 17.5x9.5cm

Weight: 3g

Vacuum bag: 1 piece / bag, 20 pieces / box; 2 / bag     40 / box
Box gauge 1500 pieces / box 21kg 56*46*40cm

Simple bag: 50 pieces / box

carton gauge 2000 pieces / box 10.7kg 56 * 46 * 40cm

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