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Herb uterus heating pad
Herbal uterus warm patch is a self heating warm paste designed for uterus cold. The unique shape is designed to suit to paste on Guanyuan acupoint. Add ginger, wormwood, saffron, Herba Leonuri and other herbal extracts to regulate menstruation, relieve menstrual pain, and keep the body warm. It is recommended to use one week before menstruation, one week of menstruation, one week after menstruation, which makes the effect better.
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Product Introduction
  •  Features

Designed for women's uterus cold
Add Chinese herbal medicine
Herb bag with heating bag
Herbal effect close to the uterus
For acupoints, it can be directly attached to the skin

  • ● Product Specifications

Product name:Herb uterus heating pad

Product size:235mm*90mm

Heating temperature:Average temperature 52 ℃

Heating duration:More than 10 hours

Packaging:1 pc / bag, 7pcs / box

Shelf life:3years