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Diamond activated carbon
This product is formulated with nano-diamond gold technology 1+1+1, adding electrostatic ions and SGC purification factors, not only can remove formaldehyde, but also adsorb benzene, ammonia, paint smell, TVOC, xylene, leather smell and other harmful Gas, efficiently decompose harmful substances and convert them into cations.
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Product Introduction


1+1+1 formula, aldehyde removal rate ≥97.9% in 24 hours

Nano-diamond gold locks the formaldehyde, will not volatilize, will not secondary pollution

Adsorption for up to 36 months

  Product Specifications

Product name:Diamond activated carbon

Specification:Net weight 6000G(60 bags)

Ingredient:Diamond gold carbon, nano mineral crystal, activated carbon

Shelf life:3years

Store:Store in a sealed container under constant temperature, avoid direct sunlight